Here are a few simple steps you can take to avoid damage to your property this winter.

  • If you’re going on holiday and leaving your property over the holiday period - even if only for a few days - leave the heating on a low setting, or set with a timer for at least an hour a day. This will help to keep the temperature in the house above freezing, and prevent water expanding as it freezes and potentially bursting a pipe.
  • Ask a friend or relative to visit your home every day while you are away. This will mean that if you do suffer a burst pipe, it will be detected as soon as possible, and the damage caused will be minimised.
  • If the top of your radiator is cold but the bottom is warm there is too much air trapped in the system and you will need to bleed your radiator. Bleeding the radiator releases the air and allows hot water to fill the whole system.
  • Keeping your property ventilated will help to avoid condensation and ultimately mould. Be sure to ventilate the property using air vents, extractor fans and an open window when possible. Be particularly vigilant in kitchens and bathrooms as they have extra moisture from cooking and the shower. A dehumidifier is also a good option to help combat condensation, and are relatively inexpensive to run.
  • If your boiler has stopped working in the cold weather, please check to see if the condensate pipe has frozen, as this will prevent your boiler from working. This can usually be resolved simply, please see the below link for help on how to do this safely: